Stronger Together

Summit 2020

By FightPandemics

December 4th. See you there!








Join the live virtual Stronger Together Summit 2020 organised by FightPandemics, an altruistic meta-platform that facilitates the connection and exchange of information between individuals and organisations.

We are bringing together bright and diverse minds to discuss the ongoing battles against COVID-19, what we’re learning and how this newly acquired knowledge can help set up humanity to thrive in the event of future crises.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire audiences to take affirmative action through education and encouragement.

You can participate virtually in one or more sessions, keynote speakers, networking or attend the expo section.

⭐ Become a Sponsor

Step up to the next level and sponsor our live virtual Stronger Together Summit 2020. As a sponsor you will be recognised as a supporter of FightPandemics‘ altruistic mission to bring together communities across the globe during COVID-19.

Sponsors will exhibit in a dedicated Sponsors virtual area, have the opportunity to meet our speakers and delegates, and sponsor specific sessions, booths and mindfulness sessions. Get in touch NOW to find out about our packages. Let’s be Stronger Together!

 📣 Talks on the most relevant topics

Tech against COVID

Culture during COVID

Education after COVID

Community Building


Economic Trends


Mental Health

Work after COVID


We strive to empower communities and provide them with tools to efficiently get the help they need .

Get in touch if you have any questions